The New Membrane WerbRTC Signalling Server

Happy New Year everyone! And we’re not just saying that. Actually… we have just released a new new WebRTC Signalling Server!

Membrane’s Signalling Server is designed as a ready-made solution for your WebRTC needs and enables the developers to focus on their solution without the need of doing redundant work on signalling, therefore saving time and resuorces. Naturally on the other hand, our solution implements callback so that the developers can implement their own custom logic (authentication, limits, etc.).

Each client requires a server-side peer process. The peers are grouped in rooms. For every WebSocket client connection, a peer process is generated automatically by the Server. The data are passed between peers and clients as JSON messages.

At the moment, clients communicate with the Server via WebSockets, but we are planning on implementing more ways of communication.

For more information, please refer to Membrane WebRTC Signalling Server Guide

Demo material for simple applications of Membrane WebRTC Signalling Server can be found in the github repository.